animation for harvard business school

while at harvard business school I contributed to several of our videos, feature stories, and social media posts with animated graphics. All examples below were conceived, storyboarded, and executed by myself unless otherwise noted.


"Brain-Based Training for Lifelong Fitness" includes a graphic showing how impulses from the brain speak to a limb, beginning at 0:49.

"The Value of Local Independent Bookstores" shows a comparison of independent bookstores in 2009 and 2015.

"Public programs encourage entrepreneurship" includes several graphics throughout, including a chart detailing income among the self-employed, at 1:17, and another chart showing increases in entrepreneurship at 1:37. These were storyboarded by the Creative Director and myself, and animated by me.

"Monitoring global supply chains" also includes graphics throughout. The first animation, with the map background, was not done by me; the others were storyboarded by the Creative Director and me, and animated by myself.


For the article "A Hard Sell: Bringing Cultured Beef to Market," I created several gifs based on the statistics about meat production and consumption in the article. These were also shared on our social media channels.

"Airplane Design Brings Out the Class Warfare in Us All" includes a gif detailing the causes of air rage. (This was also shared on our social channels.)

created for:

deliverables: animation

project type: animation, information design, social media