carmot therapeutics

Carmot Therapeutics is doing groundbreaking work in the field of metabolic diseases, but their logo and web presence were dated and didn’t reflect their breakthrough techology. We took inspiration from their name: “carmot,” referring to the elusive active ingredient in the Philosopher’s stone, and considered the key to eternal health, and gave their visual presence some new life.

carmot's previous logo and website

logo & brand

Carmot wanted to move away from orange circles, and wanted a logo that still held emotional and scientific meaning. Our gem not only stands for the precious stone of their name, but the layering within recalls the repeating, iterative process of Carmot’s proprietary technology. Our branding guidelines also include a new, cool color palette and modern typography. Soft gradients and geometric hexagon textures create a balanced aesthetic.


Our website uses bold, eye-catching color and large images in hero areas. A clean, fresh design for the body of the page, as well as unique elements like full-screen leadership bios and a carousel of target molecules, keeps the user experience engaging and intuitive as well.


Among the unique challenges for this site was translating a complicated series of interactions between the organs of the human body and Carmot’s science. Our solution led to a complex, interactive graphic that shows two separate molecules’ individual actions on each organ.

GLP-1R/GIPR interactive graphic

Imagery, color and white space, and geometric and soft brand elements all come together for a balanced and intuitive experience. Now, Carmot’s website befits their position as a pioneer in the metabolic disease space.



first round logos

home & discovery pages from first round design options

created for: ,

deliverables: logo, branding guidelines, website

date: april–june 2021

production: developed by steven alves

project type: identity, website