CHASM Conference Booth

CHASM Advanced Materials came to Monderer Design to create a booth for the world’s leading exhibition for printed electronics. We worked with them to craft a message and an adjustable tagline, “Make it with AgeNT,” and eye-catching visuals that would set them apart from the crowd and revitalize their brand going forward.


CHASM's technology allows engineers to create flexible and formable materials. Not only did CHASM want to revitalize their brand and reintroduce themselves as a company, but they wanted to specifically emphasize this differentiating factor. Our final design used a curved, sweeping pattern of hexagons, reflecting the microscoping geometry of their conductive inks. Bright colors and transparent gradients offset clean white space for a vivid look and an organic sensibility.


We also created a brochure and inserts to complement the booth design, which Chasm would use outside the conference as well. The "Make it with AgeNTâ„¢" mark inspired hexagon clusters for the cover and interior.


two-sided inserts

Despite LOPEC's cancellation due to the coronavirus pandemic, the brochure and inserts were produced as marketing collateral for the future. Additionally, Chasm has been able to capitalize on the graphic system we created, and it is still in use to this day.



Our other proposals focused on different aspects of their new brand positioning: flexibility, formability, layering. In all cases, we combined their technical innovation and expertise with the flexible tagline.

created for: ,

deliverables: booth design, brochure, brand assets

date: march 2020

project type: brochure, event