comet therapeutics website

when comet therapeutics came to monderer design to update their website, we wanted to create a web presence that would stand out against the typical biotech look. instead of staples like full-width tinted scientific imagery and minimalist color palettes and typography, I used the geometry in their logo and the bright color palette to give their new site energy and motion.

animated header

Our bright homepage animation is immediately eye catching: the hexagons "breathe" in and out, never fully freezing in a static grid. The shape is then repeated, deconstructed, and placed subtly throughout the entire website. Angles like the side of a hexagon appear most often in page headers, banners, buttons, and links. Bold, chunky typography adds vibrancy to the layout and text.


The website design also includes abundant motion and interactive accents. A viewer will find hover effects and movement throughout, as well as rewards for interaction like a sliding gradient on team member photos. Our icons representing the organs potentially aided by Comet's science also lend brightness and energy where they appear.


In addition to the animation on the homepage, stroked hexagons appear throughout the site. I created these as SVGs, which are lightweight and scalable.


Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was put on hold. However, the website design is viewable using this mirror of its near-complete staging format.


created for: ,

deliverables: website

production: developed by jennifer bonito

project type: animation, website