cvent connect 2019

Event management software company Cvent approached Monderer Design to help brand their yearly Cvent CONNECT conference in 2019. 

round 1


Among our explorations was the “quilt” - a grid of geometric patterns reflecting the themes of connection, community, history, and innovation that emerged from our extensive messaging exercises and workshops with the CONNECT marketing team. A library of patterns could be placed in this flexible system for a vibrant and constantly fresh visual experience at the event.

existing CONNECT logo placed in quilt context

standing directional signage

round 2

As we continued to build the quilt system, we also increased scale relationships among the patterns in the quilt. In addition to geometric textures, we introduced abstracted seating diagrams and icons as well.


round 3

We subsequently introduced a more graphic approach to the quilt, mirroring textile design with geometric overlays on a consistent background grid.


Other original concepts for branding the event used a digitally-influenced wave design, a unique grainy gradient, and a library of fireworks as the basis for the materials.

See the final conference branding at


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deliverables: branding concepts

date: conference was july 2019

project type: branding, case study, event