esteves hall

on april 20, 2015, harvard business school opened a renovated residential and academic building for their executive education program named esteves hall. leading up to the opening, the marketing team created a suite of materials based on the architecture of the building. initially we focused on a delicate line drawing of the lass entryway used by the building in its previous incarnation as “baker hall.”

letterpress by em letterpress

closer to the event, the event team wanted to move away from the entryway illustration, so we worked on several new directions, eventually focusing on the distinctive brick pattern on the exterior of esteves hall. i did extensive exterior building photography to find unique views of the brickwork and architecture.

collateral for the opening event included a brochure, informational posters, directional signage, and promotional campus signage.


created for:

deliverables: invitation, photography, brochure, posters, directional signage, campus signage

date: building opened april 2015

production: em letterpress (invitation), quad graphics (brochure)

project type: branding, brochure, event, poster