m2x energy

m2x wanted to emphasize connectedness and transition in their logo. Clean energy, especially where it intersects with fuel like oil drilling, is an industrial and often conservative field.

mediar therapeutics

Mediar Therapeutics' technology treats fibrosis by addressing the inside of the myofibroblast cell. Emphasizing the shape of the cell or overlapping fibers were requested treatments.

77 park drive

A new residential complex in Boston required a logo appealing to upwardly-mobile young professionals.

monderer design also created the website design for this property.


In heavy stealth mode, Kyrix' team wanted to create a strong visual ahead of revealing their science. Rounded corners and orange were special requests, though they prioritized striking and bold design above all.

actym therapeutics

Actym's wanted to use their highly engineered bacteria in their logo, or emphasize a sense of "flow" or "trails" representing the intravenous therapeutic possibility. Some of these logos encompassed both.

monderer design also created the website design for this company.

avenge bio

deliverables: logos

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