music at iona college

From 2013-2017, I created concert posters and promotional posters for the music program at Iona college in New Rochelle, New York. Each year we worked to create a fresh design different from both previous years as well as other college signage, to stand out against a college environment full of changing posters and bland visuals.

2013 spring concert & promotional posters

2014 winter concert & promotional posters

2015 spring concert & promotional posters

winter 2015 promotional poster

2016 spring concert poster

winter 2016 promotional poster

2017 spring concert poster

arts leadership major

In 2017, Iona launched a new arts leadership major, integrating business and the arts to train students for jobs in managing and administrating the arts. We created a postcard and flyer set to announce the major to the student body.

postcards produced to advertise the major

business cards mocked up to show the brand extension across other print materials

created for:

deliverables: poster designs

date: 2013–17

project type: poster