nantucket advisors group

as a new consulting firm in the boston area, nantucket advisors group wanted to highlight their role as a guiding light and safe harbor for their clients. they emphasized that in addition to being a source of information, they prioritize a personal connection, face to face interactions and a level playing field that is unique amongst their peers. their new business required a new logo design.


the brief from the client requested a few options with nautical imagery (specifically a lighthouse) as well as indicating a strong preference for blues and grays. in the initial explorations, we presented clear, representative icons as well as more abstracted marks, playing off the letter N and focusing more on reflection and interaction.


options presented to the client

while the client was initially sure they would choose nautical imagery and a font using title case, the sharp N emerged as a dark horse. its more abstract parallels and simplicity create an intriguing mark. the points of the N also call to mind directional arrows, reflecting the guidance nantucket advisors group provides.


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deliverables: identity

date: february 2019

project type: case study, identity