new venture competition

since 1997, harvard business school has held the new venture competition, an annual contest for entrepreneurs to gain exposure and secure funding. in the twenty years since its inception, nearly 5,000 participants representing nearly 2,000 teams competed. in order to honor this milestone, we designed a book celebrating its history.

gem outline & new venture competition logo by stoltze design.

the nvc book listed all past winners and runners-up through its entire twenty-year run. we used a foil stamped cover to bring dimension and glamour to the piece. it was distributed to all attendees of the event, including participants and investors.

in addition to the book design, my team and i curated and organized the content required for the book. This included sorting through a survey conducted by the rock center and social enterprise initiatives to find effective quotes and advice. We also sourced photography, including an exhaustive audit of the baker library historical collections.


the book opens with an introductory section including a timeline and statistics. following, we incorporated human faces and voices by peppering the piece with participant quotes. we also included bright splash pages with advice.


the 20th new venture competition was held on april 25, 2017.


created for:

deliverables: 72-page book

date: april 2017 event

production: universal wilde

project type: book design, editorial