privitar branding system case study

Privitar came to Monderer Design to ideate on a new branding system for their marketing collateral and company-wide visual system. As their focus changed from individual data privacy to data provisioning, their look & feel needed to be repositioned as well. Our collaboration with Privitar created a design solution that now aligns vision with visuals.

existing look & feel

Privitar’s existing collateral used a striking image distortion filter which, while reflective of data privacy, did not convey data provisioning.


After a joint mood boarding process, we started to explore solutions using imagery as well as geometry.

mood board of geometric solutions

Our solutions centered around a few metaphors: the three points of data that can identify a record; the use of dots (such as in halftone images) representing large amounts of data; and the act of data provisioning: slicing apart data and putting it back together to gain new insights. The geometric solutions proved the most successful and remained the focus going forward.


semicircle pattern design, revised to distinguish communication type based on pattern complexity

second revision, emphasizing scale relationships and creating a "data point" narrative

Our process with Privitar was highly collaborative. Their design team proposed using icons to create a narrative that would be truly unique. Their icons represented data access, targets, flow, usage, and security.

icon sets based on five of Privitar’s product features

our solution

We used simplified, evocative “building blocks” to create unique patterns. these can be used across the company brand, including marketing collateral, at varying levels of complexity. Strategic use of gradients and a new, expanded color palette soften the look.

branding assets and guidelines

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deliverables: branding system, marketing collateral covers, icon sets

date: february 2022

project type: book cover, branding, brochure, case study