social impact bonds: the early years

social finance is a nonprofit that works across the public, private and social sectors to forge new ways to drive social progress. in 2016, i worked with them to create a white paper detailing the first 10 years of their work with social impact bonds.

as well as the results of their research, we included sidebars, quotes and “voices from the field” testimonials, charts, and graphs to emphasize the impact of the nonprofit. monochromatic color served as as a wayfinding mechanism through a long and dense narrative.


the centerpiece of the book is a six-page gate fold chart detailing the results of all their social impact bonds.


social finance said the book elevated their brand to a whole new level. you can read the whole report on the social finance website.

created for:

deliverables: 88-page book

date: july 2016

production: puritan press

project type: book design, editorial