the bird house brewing co.

“the bird house” originated as a commission to create a beer label for a one-time-only batch of “bee eater amber ale.” but in creating options for the client, i built out identity and packaging for three different versions of a fictional brewing company: the bird house. each brand was a very different type of company, targeting a very different type of drinker.


this version of the bird house is an energetic, vibrant brand that focuses on the hand-crafted nature of the beer. the logo is rough but friendly. similarly, each label features an individual illustration and the typography is handwriting. someone drinking this beer is unconcerned with elegance or being refined - simply put, they enjoy good beer for the fun of it.


the client chose this direction. (the illustrations from these designs are also for sale.)


another iteration of the bird house used a bolder and harsher look for a very different beer. the people drinking this beer are likely more passionate about craft beer, willing to pay a little more, and take a bigger risk. the woodcut illustrations are striking and graphic, the typography is stark and spare, and the color palettes are restricted. even the logo is primitive. together, all of these factors contribute to a modern, hipster aesthetic.


figure 1

the final set of packaging is for an older, more reserved drinker. these are beers meant to be sipped at a restaurant, instead of chugged at a dive. The packaging is traditional and classic, and uses illustrations available in the public domain. Additionally, the placement of the typography on labels and the collateral bring the bird house brewing co. firmly into the 21st century.


date: november 2018

project type: branding, case study, identity, illustration, packaging