“the deep”

the ocean is simultaneously scary and peaceful for me, and so alien and mysterious that i cannot imagine falling so deep and not being even slightly transformed into a wilder thing. i could not get the image out of my head of a woman sinking deeper and absorbing the ocean: kelp weaves into her growing and surreal hair, bubbles dissipate.

scene 1

scene 2

scene 3

at first she is sinking passively, then she begins to dive towards the mystery waiting for her, and finally she descends consciously and intentionally, the previously-distant glow lighting her from below.


while i didn't get into the scarier creatures of the deep (i stayed far away from anglerfish), i had a ton of fun making these environments. from creating individual types of coral and jellyfish (my favorite creature!), to employing illustrator tricks like a rocky pattern for my cave and a custom brush for the rope, i was able to push myself to create a unique stylized environment.


prints & things available on redbubble and society6.

deliverables: illustration

date: 8/30/19

project type: illustration