the evil eye: variations

variations on protective talismans

The nazar is one of the most iconic and effective symbols of all time. Representing both the evil eye itself and protection thereof, it appears in numerous cultures and diasporas (and is having something of a renaissance in the United States). It is also extremely efficient, made up of three circles. I chose to create as many versions of the evil eye as I could – both close to its original form, and dissecting and deconstructing it. How far can four circles and four colors go?

postcard box

As the project took shape, the eventual product seemed obvious. Postcards incorporate and literalize the ritual and interpersonal nature of luck. By sending a postcard, the owner literally passes a protective talisman to their friend or loved one. And, as an added bonus, I selected 72 as a final number - a multiple of 18, the numerical version of chai and a lucky number in Jewish culture.



I also pushed the variations by putting them into motion. I tried to find a unique animation and look for each, at some times even expanding or altering the original design to match the medium.


deliverables: postcard set, packaging, animation

date: fall 2021 – winter 2022

production: mingo press

project type: animation, illustration, packaging