the headlights lounge

during the 120 days of march 22 to july 20, 2019, i created 120 posters for fictional band concerts. they all take place on one magical night at the also-fictional “headlights lounge.”

each poster took about an hour, sometimes two, almost never three, and once i decided it was done i didn’t fiddle with them (mostly). as such some of them are kind of rough; while it wasn’t “the point” it kind of fits the theme anyway.

unintentionally, this was my second year in a row creating a personal project that centered around music.

78 out of these were printed on a large poster-of-posters, based in large part on a poll i put to the public.

78 posters

the music

i made a playlist of the music that inspired this project. some are likely more obvious than others, but it's not 1:1 by any means so you can decide which bands are which (there's no wrong answers!)


alive girl
eloise ambursley (group)
nathan riley (cat)

the artillery
band name by sasha head
vincenzo di giorgi (city)
becca lavin (texture)
markus spiske (flowers)
william white (hands)
NASA (space)

the blue moons
rob curran (crowd)
mark hang fung so (building)
sharon mccutcheon (paper)
ryan mcguire (girl)
daria sheveleva (statue)
sylvie tittel (fabric)
sitting woman glitch created by glitchatron
buildings from pix-2-pix experiment by christopher hesse

brutal minnesota
karen arnold (flowers)
ernest brillo (sky)
aelbert jansz (vanitas)
maria orlova (forest)
mountain vector created by vectorpocket -

the cassettes
renee fisher (hearts)
thomas foley (neon)
steve johnson (paint, cutouts)
omar lopez (group)
profile face by sergi delgado from the noun project

clover hill
peter fogden (ocean)
jed villejo (group)
eric ward (eye)

cold war rations
yiran ding (seated person)
anika huizinga (seated person)
jahongir ismoilov (statue)
steve johnson (clock)
leslie jones (seated person)
antoine meillet (new york)
ahmadi mo (seated person)
artem sapegin (boston)
Flower vector created by -
Memphis patterns created by -
watercolor texture by
ink texture created by Layerace -

margaret haverman (flowers)
courtney hobbs (group)
ricardo viana (paint)

dangerous chemistry
daniel olah (texture)
joshua fuller (man)
steven hwg (fireworks)
ahmadreza najafi (woman)

the episodes
javier allegue barros (dancer)
adam kring (laundromat)
byron stumman (dancers)

everything all the time forever
hudson hintze (dancer)
ryan mcguire (person)

freaky trader joe's employee
band name by hannah lamarre and jenna danoy
christian gertenbach (boy)
pineapple supply co. (pineapples)

headlights lounge
car by vectorpocket / Freepik

hostile witness
kalea jereille (eye)
mentatdgt from Pexels (person)

joshua sortino (light)
flower vectors by

ayo ogunseinde (person)

dean rose (person)
mika (statue)
(named before I knew there was an existing band named maze)

nancy & george
radek pestka (two people)
annie spratt (person doing makeup)
russell h. tandy (nancy drew illustration)
Damask background created by GarryKillian -

nero's violin
chirag nayak (fire)
austin pacheco (kids)
jan styka (nero painting)
maxim tajer (fire)
violin image by obBilder from Pixabay

the snow days
sithamshu manoj (group)

banter snaps (person)

ana francisconi (person)
h heyerlein (face)
giga khurtsilava (ocean)

third rail
joao silas (person)

triple ugly
becca lavin (texture)
krists luhaers (group)

the tumors
band name by sasha head
lynn greyling (paper)
gabriel matula (person)

we are not alt rock
dollar gill (person)
alex wong (hand)
yearbook portraits: McGuffey High School 1942

wolves of yellowstone
josh carter (yellowstone, canyon)
amy hamerly (yellowstone)
michael larosa (wolf)
chris leipelt (yellowstone, aerial)
david tostado (wolf, profile)

deliverables: 120 band posters

date: march 22 – july 20, 2019

project type: poster