walk a mile

As part of their initiative to facilitate the exchange of ideas surrounding poverty and disadvantaged youth, Step Up International hosted a speaker series aiming to bridge the gap between empathy and action by featuring talks by ordinary people telling the stories of their lives’ challenges. Their sub-brand had to maintain a connection with Step Up, while also promoting the events independently.

We retained the typeface of the original brand, along with a similar contrasting color treatment to maintain a connection with Step Up, but created a new palette and moved to a lighter type and graphic treatment to differentiate the sub-brand.


For potential collateral, the curves expanded into overlapping lines and arcs. Deep colors, gradients, and intersecting shapes speak to the series’ mission of sharing and discussion.


Early iterations of the logo focused on a speech bubble more specifically.

created for:

deliverables: identity

date: september 2017

project type: branding, identity