youturn health identity

Youturn Health is changing the face of behavioral healthcare. Their virtual support program makes behavioral healthcare accessible to employees who might otherwise be unable to seek help. For their new name and marketing strategy, they also needed a new, fresh identity design, and website to go with it.

logo process

Youturn’s new logo design followed a comprehensive go-to-market positioning process with Aggregate Insights. Key concepts that emerged included bridging a gap, creating connections, guidance and mentorship, and creating stability and peace from a chaotic life.

Youturn responded to the message of connection and simplicity of the “dotted” logo. We continued with an exercise exploring colors and fonts, though we landed on the original version.


branding and collateral

Our logo design emphasizes one-on-one connection, with two bright dots joined by a classically geometric type treatment of Youturn’s name. The brand also includes a bright new palette. New collateral, including letterhead and business cards, highlight the powerful simplicity in two circles connecting.

logo spacing requirements

brand in use

new logo and look and feel on twitter

new logo and look and feel on instagram

response to new branding on social media


Youturn’s website also needed a refresh, to reflect their new market strategy and identity. Their new site prioritized their new brand values of friendliness, approachability, and individual connection.

former website in its interim state, with new color palette & logo

Our website featured a new Resource Center, visually enhanced statistics sections, and a gated content feature for all case studies across the site.


Through our work on the website, we were able to explore and extend the identity design with placeholder graphics, statistics icons, and circular graphic devices and photography.


created for:

deliverables: logo, identity, branding, look and feel, website

date: completed january 2023

production: developed by steve alves/attention trading

project type: branding, case study, identity, marketing collateral, website